Why The Bible Is The Ultimate Guide To A Beautiful Relationship (Stories).

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Why The Bible Is The Ultimate Guide To A Beautiful Relationship (Stories).

The bible the greatest book on relationships and therefore, it is never out of place to use this living book as a source of relationship stories for discussions.
All manners of relationships that is in existent in the world today have its root in the Bible. Both the good, the bad and ugly. The bible of a living book of honest record and God showed everything because he wants us to make the right choices irrespective of the ïnbuilt "WILL TO CHOOSE".


God himself is the author of relationships, He pioneered relationship, first with things and then with man. The act of releasing his breath into man was the beginning of relationship. He loved man so much that he made him after his likeness and kept man in dominion of every other thing he created, the tress, cattle, sea, beast and all creation. 
God did not want man to be homeless so he built a home for him in the garden of Eden, surrounded it with the goodies of life all free of charge. Of course God gave man the job pruning the garden but everything in that garden was owned by God but managed by Adam, as being written in Genesis 2:3. 

God cannot eat fruits but Adam could, so God’s food would come from Adam which was fellowship. God needed intimacy so He placed Adam in that garden such that every evening, they would enjoy communion and the presence of one another. So it was till God who decided to make Adam a look alike whom He later called woman. She was to be the mother of all nation. 

So long as Adam was alone on earth, Multiplication could not take place until Eve the woman arrived. It was after she arrived that God blessed them and asked them to have Dominion and multiply and replenish the earth. 
Lesson: Two are better than one and that is why you need a relationship. 

The devil succeeded in removing Adam and Eve from the garden and a life of suffering started for Adam of Eve because they disobeyed God by listening to a third party other than God’s instruction. 
Lesson: God always stand by his promises regardless of how we offend him. He would not stop the breath he gave because he has already given you neither would he stop them from multiplying when his mouth must have pronounced it. So if you are the give and take partner, learn from God to give without condition.

After a long time of Suffering and their children replenished the earth as God blessed them, God rebirth himself as Jesus, came and died to redeem man even though it was man who made a decision to err against God. 
Lesson: God might be angry for a while, but he will not cast away forever. Learn to forgive your partner because God himself do forgive you of your sins.
I believe you learnt that God love is unending.

This is another love story from the Holy Bible after two young men who came to love each other. David was the son of a nobody, no family background and no class whereas Jonathan’s father Saul was the king of the country. Jonathan loved David to the point where he would give David his robe and so David too will look like royalty. 
Jonathan did not want to move around the kingdom with David and while walking with David, He did not want anyone to think of David as one of the Palace guards so he gave him his robe since without question that signified that they were in the same societal class.

Lesson: if with all the accumulated degrees and certificates, your partner is feeling inferior to you then you have failed in your show of true love. Because true love will improve not condemn. Do not acquire material things because you want your partner to fear you and be mesmerized? That is not love as shown by Jonathan.

Jonathan’s father even hard to warn him on several occasion not to mingle with David but Jonathan loved David the more and they were inseparable, Jonathan finally died David’s death because he wore David’s garment and the men his father sent slew him thinking he was David whereas he had given David his own garment. 
Lesson: What can your partner boast of knowing you?

Another story is that of MARY AND JOSEPH: 
Mary was engaged to this man called Joseph and then an angel of the Lord appeared and told her that she would be pregnant by the power of the Holy ghost. She believed that abstract thing and boom! She was a pregnant virgin. Joseph was disappointed that she was wayward because of his love for her, he decided to secretly cut off the engagement and not bring her public shame. 
Everyone was gossiping Mary, she had to bear the shame and trust God. God also touched Joseph and spoke to Joseph and he took her and married her with pregnancy.
Lesson: Where is God in your relationship? Are you both able to hear him concerning your relationship. Joseph would have ended up with the wrong life partner if he had left Mary because she was pregnant. Hard decisions as such could ruin our lives if we make it without God.

Married without any child at the age of 100 and the wife 90 yet they trusted and believed God that one day, they would carry their own child. Along the line, Sarah an ungodly idea that produced Ishmael and as result, their union was divided. She was too old in her own eyes to bear a son but God was not looking at her age at the appropriate she had her child. 
God had promised Abraham that he would be the father of all nation yet Abraham did not doubt even when his wife body was dead scientifically.
Abraham loved her with all his life. he was not a poor man because he could marry 100 wives who will bear him children but because he feared God and loved Sarah, at the end, everything worked out perfectly, they had Isaac, their child of promise. 
After this child was God, God came again to test Abraham and see if Abraham still loved him or maybe he now value the child more than him. Sacrifice your only son whom you love so much to on this mount. I will be waiting for you there and Abraham moved without telling Sarah anything. HMMM! He loved Sarah too much not to tell her because if he had told her, he was not sure what her reaction would be after 90 years of waiting for this child, show me the God that said you should sacrifice my child, in fact sacrifice all of us because I will not be alive to see it happen.

So Abraham moved and took Isaac without an option of any other sacrifice, because he understood that the devil too would want to give him direction. Even the child Isaac asked him father, where is the lamb of sacrifice and he answered the Lord will provide. Ultimately, the Lord God provided and Abraham called the name mount 
Lesson: Abraham put God above the wife no matter how much he loved her. Your partner should be second place whereas God is given the first place. I believe it was because once, Sarah directed Abraham and things went bad so he was not sure of what will spoil if Sarah should have a say again. 

Abraham’s second grandson “Jacob” loved a lady called Rachael and Rachael’s father who happened to be Jacob’s boss and uncle asked Jacob to serve him for her daughter for seven years, Jacob served willingly and at the end of seven years, they gave him Rachael’s elder sister called Leah and Jacob was not happy.  They told him that tradition demanded that the first daughter must marry before the second daughter. And that if he still wanted Racheal, he should serve another seven years for hear and Jacob agreed and the bible said seven years were like few days to him because he loved her. 
After another seven years, he married Rachael the love of his life and she could not bear Jacob a child; she gave Jacob her maid and her maid bore two sons for Jacob and when they Lord finally opened her womb and she did bear Joseph and Benjamin for Jacob, Jacob escalated the love he had for her to her children. 

Lesson: working extra seven years was not easy but he got what he wanted and Jacob did not hate her rafter all the seven years he wasted earning her, he was like another man in his house. Lets learn to be patient in love.

The Jacob you just read about is the same man called Israel. God changed his name after he came in contact with God and had an encounter with God. God had to change his name to Israel because the previous name Jacob affected this destiny negatively, four women gave him twelve children in total and they multiplied with them. 
God had promised Israel’s grandfather Abraham that his offspring will replenish the earth. Israel was a stubborn children before God, who only ran to God anytime they had enemies, once God conquers those enemies, they will run back to idols. In all their idolatry, God did not take his eyes off them because he made their grandfather a promise.

Naomi’s son married Ruth and died without a child and Naomi heard that God had visited her own country, she and her husband had ran out their country to this country where they met and married Ruth for their son and now that she had lost her two sons and husband, she decided to return back to her country and Ruth insisted that he would follow her to her own country. 

Naomi told Oprah and Ruth who happened to be her two daughter in-laws. Young ladies, I do not have any son that can marry you any longer. Stay in your country and let go but they both disagreed. After much persuasion, Oprah agreed to stay in her Country. Ruth was determined not to let her go for she declared to her mother in-law “ not tell me to leave you and return or not to follow you for where you go, I will go, Where you live, I will live, your people will be my people and your god will be by God.” 
When Naomi saw her love and determination, she had no choice than to allow her to go with her. 
Ruth’s love for Naomi came to be as a result of her love for Naomi’s God who is the highest God. He had heard how Naomi’s God could kill a whole nation for his own people and she longed that that God became her God. And that singular decision made her the one of the great grandmothers of Jesus Christ. 

God loves you and there isn’t anything he cannot give in exchange for you. He demonstrated it already by bringing Jesus to die on the cross for your sake. The shape and structure your relationship will take if you start it with Jesus or surrender it to him will be one of the greatest experience. God is waiting for you. 
All the short stories you read pointed out the errors of man and how God corrected them so regardless of any mistakes you must have made in the past, God is ready to turn things around for your good.
God want to make your relationship spectacular and then enjoyable. Just as you need, God’s need is to have first position relationship with you then watch him turn things around for your good.
All these stories and more are available in detail in the Holy Bible.

Why not drop few stories you've read from your holy book in the comment section, while we all learn?.

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