Your Relationship Is Crumbling Before Your Eyes: You Need To Act Fast!

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Your Relationship Is Crumbling Before Your Eyes: You Need To Act Fast!


If you ask me, I would say that this is one of the important relationship stories for discussion especially when you start to feel like you are in a relationship with a total stranger because you can’t seem to understand your partner anymore. 
If you feel like you are dating yourself
If you feel like the love of your life is present yet unavailable emotionally 
If you have doubts about the person you are dating
If you think they a drifting away
If you feel out of love with one another
If you both have started to question the sincerity of each other
If trust seem to have gone out of the relationship
You no longer feel the love and bond that you both once shared
Do you wonder if your partner is saying the truth? 
Is good and great time now together a thing of the past?
Do you think your partner is hiding something?
Has their attitude or something they said created room for assumption?
Is your partner beginning to assume a lot? If yes, any of these bothers you then welcome to this amazing piece that can make things turn as new as though two of you were just starting out. I believe you’ve read to this point, because you definitely want to win your relationship back and turn it around for better

►  How do you turn a breaking relationship to a new one? 
Be reminded that it took willingness from two of you to build what you both had, so if it must work out well again, all hands must be on deck to make it work. It is more daunting trying to make someone who seem to be falling out of love to feel a reconnection than making a new person love you, unless they want to feel that feel that love again. Sometimes nothing we do to convince people who want to leave our lives to say will be enough to really convince them especially when their mind seems made up and that all they seem to want is to leave. It is always better to let go at that stage.
So if you both want to rebirth your love story, hop along and make sure you share this tips with them so that you both can fight loss of love with tools from the same arsenal. 
Remember that two are better than one for the have a good reward so it is really worth the efforts.
So how you really rebirth a relationship that is breaking?
Get to understand why your partner is feeling indifferently and work on whatever their complains are, your partner is responsible and sensible so they cannot just wake one morning and start acting strange. There must be have been cause and effect at work, if you are able to discover this cause, then dealing with it becomes much more easy. Oh no! don’t ask me how to do that. Lol! 

►  You know your partner more than I do. 
Take your time and get them in the best position to open up.
Give them that treat you know they love,
Buy them a gift
Take them out to their favorite restaurant
Make sure you speak their love language and get them to open up

► Know when apology is needed and apologize. 
If you do everything without saying “Sorry ” it just might not go down well with them. If I am your partner, regardless of what you buy, that word “Sorry” cannot be replaced and how you even apologize speaks better thank the word itself.
So it is important you learn to say sorry as a man, buying a car to appease, while it might seem really cool and  a great idea, some ladies want to hear their men voice out apology because it is something that would actually connect with emotion and sense of worth rather than a car. It might even make some ladies to feel that a guy is calling them gold diggers, especially ladies who have made enough of their own monies.

Get in touch with their soft spot and connect with them emotionally. Having understood what is making their love grow cold, it is not time to claim right and show off your awesomeness, or even give excuses because they are both feeling hurt and distant at that point, and must have probably heard those excuses before so there is a need to look inward and understand how you have contributed to the problem.
so it’s best you rather get in touch with their soft spot and connect with their emotion by affirming to what they have complained and then tell them to allow you the chance to change.
Convince them and make sure you are deliberate about this change you are promising. If you are lying, do not forget that they know you so they can smell your lies and fakeness and that would be worst and not steer things forward in the right direction at all.

►  Get to show them how you plan on changing and what exactly they can expect you to do differently.

 Be radically transparent and sincere in all your dealings with your partner. Avoid anything that would make it look like you have something to hide, this is not a time to keep things hidden from them. Telling them truth and showing sincerity will help them come terms with the fact that you are putting efforts to make things work. They might not appreciate it immediately but they would eventually when you both are love birds again

Imagine if the love of your love is assuming things and building road block where none exist maybe because of previous misunderstandings or a lie you told. The only way to win him back is from such assumption is by being shamelessly transparent and by making sure you carry him along in everything you do that they do not have any need to doubt, assume or second guess your actions.
Tell them your where about
Tell them your daily plans
Make sure you tell them everything they need to know about your engagements
Explain in details and leave them no room for assumption.

►  Show off more care and affection 
While you might feel they are hurt and distant, showing them care and more affection can pull them back, human beings are emotional creatures and they always ultimately respond to their emotional connections and this alone can make your partner rethink on what they’d be missing out if they leave you.
Use words of affirmations, love songs you both shared, the core values that brought the both of you together and bonded you this much. The peace you once enjoyed, their favorite jokes to try to win them back. Surprise your partner. Plan something unexpected that you know would make them melt, that is a quick way to rebuild immediate reconnection.

Remember the good times together especially if you both are close to each other. Going to places of interest where you had fun together would not only recreate an early bond, it will also help your relationship at that time. It will remind your partner what you both have been through and how special your bond is.  And revisiting these places can reduce tension and spark up new ideas about what more you could do together. The hands you once held in those places would be remembered and boom! Before you say jack! You both are holding hands again which can spark up chemistry. 

►  You can seek the Counsel of a professional in the relationship field. 
This is so, there is a neutral third party who is not going to take sides with any of you but would speak and counsel you both with the interest of the relationship at hand. 

The questions and answers sections with this Counselor might even open your eyes to the weakness that you never knew existed which has been affecting your partner and then you both can adjust accordingly for the interest of the relationship. Remember that you have come a long way and would rather not let weaknesses tell you that you are incapable of handing a relationship. So do not think you are weak by seeking help rather see it as an adventure that both of you want to explore. 
Ask your partner what they think you can do to make your relationship better.  It is good you tell them what you can do but what if they want something different or how they want it is different?  What if they want a break for them to heal and get back to you? That can be daunting and make you feel like you have lost them but if they are sincere with coming back, why not just trust them, support them hope they’d come back. 

► Give them time to heal  
They are hurt and may be so mad that they do not want to even see you then so what? It is hard but giving them time to heal may be best option. Having some space to themselves will make them rethink the relationship and re-decide if they intend to continue, as hard as this may sound, it is true. Relationship is a decision and it has to be relived every day. Giving them that time will also make them know that you value their opinion and that is a plus for you even though it will hurt you at that moment to let them take that time off but just do it.
Speak to the person who they respect the most, chances are they would turn with positive answers and then take things from there.

Pray… You probably would not think about this because of all the discouraging happenings around you, you are both distracted and not thinking right or maybe probably thinking with romantic emotions. Talk to God and ask for his will for your relationship. And let your partners also know that you are praying for them.

Take time to heal and strategize. Not only do you want your relationship save, you want it better so you just both can experience a sparkle of romance in a higher realm and giving yourself that time will both heal you and give you a breath of fresh air. You always come back better after a break.

Go back to your creativity especially if you both had given up such things just to be in this relationship. Your hobbies and all that made you attractive to this person, both of you should find your way back to your lives outside your relationships. Take that trip. Take that course, Finish the program that you started and have more fun things to talk about when you get back together again. Both of you should time to reconnect to the lives you once shared and lived before you met your partner.

Remember the mission and goals of the relationship. What if the goals, values and missions of your relationships has been threatened? Understand that if their peace is threatened, it will be difficult to convince them to stay so you have do whatever you can in Honesty. 

Be patient. It is an emotional issue, you want to be in a relationship with a whole person, not someone who just want to please you even if they hate themselves for it. So be patient as they grow through this phase, it’s going to take time for them to heal so you need to be patient while they do so, be kind in words and action. All these may hurt you too but if you want your partner back, you have to work hard. 

Learn to show appreciation. It is important that you partner feels appreciated often. Part of the reason why relationships end is the lack of appreciation. Your partner wants to feel like that very special person in your life. They want to be reminded that they are the best people in your life. So long as they share intimacy with you, they want that connection to be special, nobody else in your life should be more important than they. And you should attach such importance in an obvious way. 

If these steps are taken thoughtfully, things will spark up again and you would gain your relationship back. It is not going to be immediate, it might be immediate depending on you both. Whichever way, be patient till you achieve your goal.

There's always this general good feeling whenever we see happy couple, so likewise we wish the whole community is all caught up in such an awesome butterflies atmosphere. Feel free to drop your contributions in the comment section.


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