Men Are Not Naturally Polygamous - A Must Read!

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Men Are Not Naturally Polygamous - A Must Read!

Men always seem to have ladies figured out. To us ladies, it always seems like men have their acts together and know what to do in every relationship story.

The best advice will still be the ones that resonates with you as a man.         


You're a good guy. We know but you're reading this, and that's the key. But sometimes it feels like there is another part of you - a bad guy - wreaking havoc in your lady's life.         

Value her Opinion: The fact that you are the man does not mean that your ideas are perfect, your woman might be a better thinker in some areas more. Real men weigh their opinions with that of their women and make a decision based on which best serve them in the relationship.
Devote Quality Time: I really do not know why men would have all the time to woo a lady but would suddenly not have time for her afterwards.

Pay Attention to her Complains: If she says she does not like a thing, chances are that she does not like it. Give enough attention to know when she is having aches and adjust properly.
Say I love you: women of all ages want to hear those lines every day without number. Dear men! Even if you reassure us of your love all the time, simply telling us you love us every time we talk would make us feel special.

Be caring: Care for her and be there for her at anytime      
Plan Dates: Do you still take her out on dates? Do you still make her feel special? When was the last time you took her to dinner, cinema and did something that reminded her of how special she is to you?
Spend time with her: 

Keep Making her fall in Love: Yes, I know that men love the thrill of the chase and so once the chase is over and the target is won, there seem to be nothing worth putting an effort for but the truth is that if you.

Say Thank You: Showing appreciation is a thoughtful way of showing that gestures are important and that you value her
Plan surprises: out of the blue small acts of kindness is one of the best way to let someone know that you are thinking about them.

Allow her decide: as much as you want to be the man and prove that you are the head, it really hurts us when a man makes decisions on our behalf without waiting to hear what we would want.
 Be an example: Give whatever you want to receive
Do not assume: Assumptions kill relationships. Whatever you do not seem to understand about your partner, ask her. 

Do not assume.

Be open-minded: do not think that because you’ve date for 10 years, you already know everything about your woman. Just like nobody can know anything about you, so can you not know everything about another person.
Stand up for her in public: you can caution her in private but in public, stand up and defend her
Advise her: even if she is the CEO of her company, with you around, she want to be a baby so do not think that she can handle everything on her own. 
Be available: in this area of social media, being available is difficult, someone is talking to you but is also present on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp so it is not just about being present, be available too. If possible, the phone should be kept away when you both are together.

Touch her: physical touch is endearing. Everything may not be about sex yet, these touches will make her miss you when you are not there.
Attend to her needs: even if a woman has more money than you do, the little that you give her will be more valuable than all she has. It is not because she is greedy, it is rather because we were designed to receive. And so collecting gives her a sense of belonging and the entitlement that you really care.

Speak her love language: do you know your partner’s love language? There are five love languages according to a book written by >>>>>> knowing how to effectively connect the dots of your partner’s love language would go a long way to build more intimate connections
Help your partner: every woman needs helps with chores. You really don’t have to do the whole thing all the time but the little contribution you would add will go a long way to make her life easier.

Help her develop: as a man, you have the right to effectively re-groom your woman but it has to be in a loving way. Look for programs that would make her a better woman than she already is and encourage her to go for the program. What you build into your woman is ultimately what you will receive.

Tolerate her: she will have her down times and mood swing challenges, be open to accommodate her.
Support her: be her number one cheer person cheer person.  Celebrate her wins and encourage her when she is down.

Develop yourself: Yes! Part of the reasons why respect is lacking in relationships these days is because most women can’t see what to respect in their partner. The man is almost a dullard. A woman wants to know that you can answer questions when she throws them at you even without pre-informing you. We want to date you because we think you are smarter than us.

Learn to put your acts together: As much as you can, save your own day and do not drag us into ugly situation. Behave yourself in public and be soft spoken
Learn to forgive: Everyone offends including you, be ready to give forgiveness as much as you are ready to receive it. Do not recall past offenses as you would not like yours to be remembered to.

Be yourself: Confidence in your own abilities is endearing and you need be a man when the chips are down, imagine fidgeting before your lady and acting with insecurity? She will begin to loose trust in you.
Earn the respect: Respect is not given, it is earned. Treat your partner with courtesy and I bet you will get it back in a manifolds.

Keep to time: if you say you will be there by 3pm, try and be there by 3pm and if you will not be able to make it, apologetically call early. Nobody wants to be kept waiting.

Value your words: Nothing breeds disregard like when people do not trust what you say. It simply means that you don’t respect your words and if you do not respect your words, others won’t either.
Share your insecurities: Once in a while, confide in your woman if not all the time. It will make her know that she is with someone who values her opinion and who is not ashamed or too insecure to open up to her.

Set goals for both of you: Your woman wants to back you up on your own goals but what she would even appreciate the more is pursuing something meaningful with you. Women love entitlement and if you ensure that both of you works together on a project, then it would make her know that she has a future with you.

Be the best person in her life. if you know that she is vulnerable then it means she wants you to know that you must also behave yourself at every turn. Be the best version of yourself as much as you can.

Protect her: she wants to feel safe around you at all times. If there is anybody she should be afraid of, that person should not be you. She wants to know 100% that she has no reason to be afraid or scared around you. 
Shield her from danger: Especially in public, it is your responsibility to make sure that nobody harasses your lady and get away with it.  She should trust that you are able to protect her.

Create memories: this is what would make her crave spending time with you. Movie tickets, love notes, her favorite food or whatever she loves.
Do not cheat on her: Ladies no not want to be cheated on just the same way that you do not want her to cheat on her. Ladies find it demoralizing when men cannot take their eyes off another lady that just came into the room.  Respect her enough to control your looks just same way that you wouldn’t want her to check out other men with you around.

Be old fashioned in a modern way: Do not always prefer the phone than a face to face meeting. Women see men who do not want to raise a finger about facial meetings serious minded especially if they met online. So pick up the phone and call and arrange a proper date.
Have standards: Women wants to know that you have standards and that your pants cannot just go off for anybody. Be a man of principle and values. 

Take hygienic: Women love neat men. However you want your hair to look, make sure you are neat. Undies change is a must and nice smell is attractive too.
Hug her: Women want their special person to always hug them. Open your arms when saying goodbye and be intentional about the hugs. Remember that every moment is special.
Refuel your love: Whatever that means to you, relationship is like a jar of water, if you are taking from it without refilling, it just a matter of time before it runs out.

 Ask her about the little things:  you might already know but just ask because it makes you a caring man. How was your day may seem little but wait till you did not ask, women want to be cared for so do just that.
Give her some space: Especially if she needs to be alone for some projects or even for her own reasons.
Spend time apart: that experience that two of you will get from time spent separately would give you something to talk about. And talking about fresh ideas will make the relationship spark up a bit.


Travel together: if you have the money, take her out to another town or country for a vacation or picnic and spend quality time, it will bring refreshment to the relationship.
Introduce her to your friends: let her be a part of your friends, let your friends know her and that would give her more confidence that you love her.
Make her your best friend: it will not be nice for her to hear things about you from your friends. Be open if you expect the same.

Tell her sweet nothings: remember when you were wooing her, it was those words that brought her to you, don’t every get to busy that you forget to let her hear them. If you are too busy to tell her, would you rather another person do it for you. 

Make her laugh: It is food for the soul, if you make her laugh often, chances are she would want to always be around you.
Do not allow her to stay mad at you till the next day: resolve every disagreement on time.


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