Ladies - Observe These Relationship Tips For A Long Lasting Intimacy With Your Man

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Ladies - Observe These Relationship Tips For  A Long Lasting Intimacy With Your Man

Most woman wants their relationship to be heading towards marriage and are ready to do whatever is in her power to make it happen.     

Woman have been known as the pioneer of relationships. As much as it takes the man to decide when marriage happens in most cases. A woman armed with the right advice and projecting the right character in to the life of the man stands a greater chance at achieving her relationship goal.

Every great relationship is meant to lead to marriage right? So hop in for details:

Be Yourself: In this era of social media where everyone is projecting what seem to be a perfect relationship, as much as you may like to impress, keep it real. Fakeness attract fakeness and what is not real cannot stand the test of time. 

Love Yourself:     Any external love should be an addition to what you already have. 100% dependency of the love of someone else to survive is a recipe for disaster. Nobody would love you better than you love yourself. So brace up and be the nicest person to yourself.

Acknowledge and deal with your insecurities:    What part of your body do makes you feel horrible? What can you do about it? What can you not do about it? If it is something you can easily change, then go ahead and change it and if it is not changeable then love it the way it is. Accept that nobody loves all part of their bodies 100% but they would rather dwell on the 10% that is perfect for them.

Create Your Own Happiness:    Do what makes you happy. Stay happy, there is a lot of challenges in life and the least you can do is add to them. Happiness has a reflection and same way with sorrow. 

Live a life of gratitude: if you are wondering how that contribute to a relationship, then you must know that gratitude forces you to intentionally focus on the positive aspect of life. when you focus on the positive, miracles happen and things change for good.

Have a recreational attitude:    Men always unwind, learn from them, they are either meeting old friends and drinking beer out in the evenings or they are watching football or watching involving in their workout or other recreational activities. Women barely do that, it will help you to rejuvenate and make you have new experiences.

Meet New People. Any one person you meet is an avenue for you to meet even more people. that build network, it does not matter if you are dating or single. It is a pointer to enlarging your network and your network is your net-worth.

Invest in Yourself:    One question I always ask myself is “What kind of person do I wish to be? Create the person you want to be. Make sure that you develop yourself enough to be irresistible. Self-development is the best form of investment.

Show Respect:    Men and respect are inseparable. If you want a man to get endeared to you then you must show respect. No man wants to be around a brawling woman who disregard him.

Do not Correct your man in Public:    He will feel castrated and may not forget it in a hurry.  Learn to wait until two of you are together then you can talk to him in the most loving way.

Be original:    If you are into online dating, as much as possible, look like your profile. No man wants to be tricked by beauty apps only to meet you and realize that everything is fake.

Do not be Over-demanding:    Understand the financial capacity of the man that you are in a relationship with and then coat your clothes accordingly. If you know that he is too poor for you, kindly look somewhere else instead of frustrating him.

Be a Confidant:      A man wants to be sure that his weaknesses will not become a talk of the town by your friends when you both have misunderstandings. 

Build Trust:    A man wants to know that his secrets are safe with you and that you are trustworthy, can he leave money in your care? 

Be faithful:    A man wants to be sure that even if there is no money with him, that you are not going anywhere and that you will not follow another man even if that man is displaying dollars in front of you, you should look at the dollars, smile and say but I love my man.

Be an Encourager:    Men have insecurities too and as a result, he need a morale booster anytime that he is down and not some woman who aggravates issues.

Learn to how to Manage Your Anger:     It is said that people are best known when they are angry because that when they show their true colors. Do not allow your color to be remembered in a bad light.

Decide to be a Woman of Value:  If you can groom yourself to become what you will be happy your children become, then you are a woman of value.

Bring God into your relationship:    Give God first place in your relationship. Make Him the head and you will have no regrets.

Read Relationship Advice From The Bible


Improve your cooking skills:    Feeding a man is one of the best things that you will do all your life so it is important you learn to twerk meals.

Learn to Diversify Your Appearance:    Men love varieties, if there is anything that turn men off a lot, it is seeing that you are the same thing every day.

 Be Humorous:    No man wants to be involved with a woman who cannot not laugh at her own self, always being too serious with everything. Learn to tease him and learn how not to take offense when teased. 

Be Confident:    Your man wants to know that you are sure of who you are. A strong woman knows how to carry herself and yield her powers so graciously without stepping on toes. 

Learn to say sorry: If you desire apologies then learn how to give it. 

Know your worth:    A woman who knows her worth will not allow anyone to walk all over her just because she wants to be in a relationship. She will stand strong and defend what she believes in.

Work on Your Attitude:    If there is a particular complain that people who loves you always complains of then, maybe it is time you do something about it.

Share your feelings: Men want to hear that they are still the one you are craving for. As often as you can, tell him much you love him. 
Learn to forgive:    Forgiveness is what you do for yourself before you do it for the other person.

Learn to give:      Everyone has something to give including you. Do not always expect that your man would be the one giving to you all the time. Learn to give also. 

Look for ways to make your man feel special:    Men love to be pampered too. Going out of your way to cook his favorite meal and his favorite drink can only lead to more connection.

Listen to your Man: Every man wants to be obeyed at some point. It does not matter how much money you have; obedience is part of respect.

Be his number 1 fan: Do not allow any other lady to cheer your husband better than you do. 

Show Appreciation: Do not forget that men are the extension of God. When you thank God, you force his hands to deliver more to you, same with men.

Learn to call him sweet names: Some men know that once a woman begins to call them sweet names, it is because they need something, it should not be like that. If sweet names can get you what you want, then it is better that you get involved with it some much that it glues the man to you.

Pray for him: By praying for your man, you give room for expansion to him. 

Learn to focus:    Learn to focus your attention on the things that increases your value generally and in the relationship, that is how you become indispensable.

Learn to make your own money:    for the fact that someone is ready to assist you does not mean that you should give him all your responsibilities. Having your own money gives you an edge.

Be independent: Same way you will feel choked, do not depend on your man for everything. Relationship should be team work. It is about shared responsibilities.

Do not be a nag:    No man can stand a nagging woman, your presence should bring him calmness, if he is looking for where to cool off, he should think you.

Look for growth opportunities for him: That is one of the qualities of a good woman. Helping a man is one of the primary reasons why you are in his life. looking for he can improve his craft will tell him how much you think of him.
Learn to manage your man’s resources: especially when you can, do well to minimize wastage. 

Be resourceful: Look for ways to improve and multiple whatever you have, not just in relationships but in your life generally.

Don’t chase him:     This is why you should have a lot going on for yourself so that you do not end up doting on a man.

Don’t always be available:    Be scarce from time to time and appear fresher and classier than you were when he last saw you. Avoid "'see finish''.

Speak your mind:    As much as you want to be with him, do not bend out of shape doing it because you will lose yourself in the process.

Take care of yourself:    A man should know that you take the time to take care of yourself. As much as you try to economize, once in a while, spoil yourself, you work first for yourself before you work for others. 

Learn to be bored:    In the world today, everyone wants to have an interesting relationship but what makes your relationship really amazing is how you are able to handle the moments when there is really nothing happening. 

 Don’t expect your man to be an entertainer:    Unless he is a comedian, even comedians run out of jokes. Learn to be happy on your own.

Whatever fights, fight respectably:    However you fight with your partner, make sure to fight without damaging each other in the process. If you don’t fight, it means one of you is sacrificing their wellbeing for the relationship and that may not last for very long.

Do not avoid issues:      Avoiding issues in the short run will lead to enormous fights later down the line which is even more difficult to resolve because of bottled up emotions.

Look for solution: Do not see your partner as the problem else you will make the mistakes loosing someone you cherish. Whatever issue you have, remember that you two are in it together.

Create time to be alone:    It gives you the opportunities to clear your head and think properly.

Learn to compromise: understand that sometimes, it is good to let other people have their way, Compromise means doing something so that the other person can be happy and it is not 50/50.

Take responsibilities:       Take responsibilities for your action, it is the level of responsibilities that we are willing to take that will let the other person know that we are we are fully into the relationship.

Love is not enough:    If love was enough, then every relationship would have led to marriage.

Don’t use your ex as an example:    If he was so perfect, why then did you break up? Stop the comparison and accept the person you agreed to be with wholly.

Maintain relations with friends and family. 

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