39 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner On A First Date Of Your Relationship

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39 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner On A First Date Of Your Relationship


What comes to your mind when you hear “first date ’’? 

Do you experience that feeling of nervousness and excitement at the same time and you wonder what you the other person will ending up thinking about you?

Do you want to make the best first impression? and most importantly, do you want to avoid awkward moments that nervousness can bring?

Don’t you think it is one of the worthwhile Relationship stories for discussion?

So while sitting and admiring each other, the talking has to be done, you both know that you need to know more about this person but you dumbfounded on what to ask. Consider these questions:

What do you think makes you unique from every other person you know? 
You will most likely hear things like “Because I am the kind of person who” and then they go on to describe themselves, it is better than starting with “So tell me about yourself” they probably have been asked that a lot of time and they want to answer it differently. 
What this question does is that it opens anyone up to talk about themselves in a way that they want people to see them and more especially, in the way they want you to relate with them, pay attention and grab they think about themselves because that is where their self-esteem lies.

Who’s made the biggest impact in your life and what is the impact? 
Listen as they discuss the most important person in their life because that is probably the person they respect the most and then see what impact they talk about, that alone will give you a good picture of what their values are and open your eyes to the kind of person they are generally.

What makes you most upset and what makes you happy? 
This question is important because it helps you to know their deal breakers and what makes them happy, if you care about this person, then it is something worth knowing and trust me, they will be happy to let you know that about.
What keeps you interested in a romantic relationship and what does romance mean to you?
This opens your date up to share the intimate part of themselves with you, their relationship expectation is all about, how they communicate their intimacy and how they would want to be treated back in return are all embedded into this question.

What are your life goals? 
Not only does asking this question make your partner think, it also makes him/ her see you as a thoughtful person who understands that life is not just about that very moment and that there more to life. The answer to this question opens them up and allow you look into their world and then understand what direction they are heading in life.

Would you rather relax at home or explore on a vacation?  
You are asking this question because you want to know if they sociable, introverts or not. Because they came out on a date before does not mean that they are so sociable, they could prefer their lone time than traveling around the world and moreover, moving forward with this person, you want to know what they will offer you for relaxation.

What do like most about your family? 
You want to know what family values this person has and how their present life is shaped by those values and you also want to mirror the family they come from and that alone will give you in-depth knowledge of who they are, remember that that the goal of a first date is to know them and their family is their basic.
Where are your favorite things in life food, sports, places etc.?

It will excite them to know that you care to know about their preference and you want to be a part of their lives. 
If you have all the monies you needed, where would you rather live?

It might interest you to know that you date has fantasies and want to enjoy life to the fullest if given the opportunity. So listen as they explore with their mind and travel the world with them.

What hobbies have you been doing for a long time and would want to continue and what other hobbies would you like to consider? 
This opens your eyes to how they spend their time and what they enjoying doing when they are not working. How they relax, unwind and pamper themselves. 

What is your best joke and what makes you laugh? 
Let them laugh and release tension, this could be the first question, it could help anyone to feel at home and relaxed without feeling like it is an interview. It’s a date, you are out to have fun.

 What do you love most about your profession? 
You want to hear stories of what they enjoy about making their money, they would also talk about the least thing they like and even why they choose their profession or the type of work they do.

What is your greatest accomplishment? 
You are one person they want to share this part of their life with so asking them, would make them brag a little, and who doesn’t want to talk about achievements? Everyone is happy to so enjoy the ride.

 What do you wish wasn’t true about you? 
This is a deep rooted question that they might want to avoid, if they excuse it, its fine, maybe they do not feel comfortable taking about it yet as it is a first date, you can always ask them later when they have become acquainted to you. 

What is your anger rescue code? 
You want to know how they react when they are angry and when they are then you can also know how handle such moments. 

Who is the closet person to you in the world?  
You will know who they pick for this amazing position and why so that you can know of what values they admire in that person. 

Aside your job, what else are you are you passionate about? 
What drives a man is more important than what he drives and as result, passion is a revealer of what they hold in high esteem and can put in a lot of effort to see it succeed. You need to know and encourage them. 

What is the best part of dating you?  
Sip your drink and smile because this is going to catch them off guard. Lol! They would put their best foot forward and brag about the mountains they can move for your sake, just nod in affirmation and give that amazing smile.

Heartbreaks, had any terrible experience? 
They would share and just enjoy and smile with, “I’m here to save you now”.

What about the future are you most optimistic about? 
Listen to them talk about their future expectation and what excites them about the future and see how far or close to it and encourage them.

What do you think about marriage? 
Whatever they value about marriage and how they see marriage, whether they want kids or not and if they want to be a single parent #winks! 

Would you rather travel the world alone for one week or spend a day with your celebrity crush? 
Just laugh at their answer and ask them why they chose their option.

What book have you read without skipping anything and why? 
Watch them take through a journey of their favorite story and understand how that story resonates with them.

Do you believe in Astrology?  
If they say yes, ask them for their horoscope and if no, ask them why with smiles.

What was your first phone?  
This sure is going to crack them up a bit, enjoy the laughter.

If given an opportunity, would you like to grow up in the same neighborhood you grew up?  
This is a great insight into wat their growing up was like and how they fared as kids. 

Do you feel people have a misconception of who you are and why? 
Think through what they say but keep your cool with a smile.

What mistake taught you the most valuable lesson? 
It is probably what they are not proud of. Tell them it was great they learnt those lessons because they really needed the lessons.

What advice would you give to your younger self if you have the opportunity? 
Learn from them what they wished they knew as kids and with a smile say “make sure you tell your kids”.

Is there any day you might want to relive? 
Maybe the most important day of their when they graduated from high school with family and friends came to show support for them and celebrate with them or when they won an award for being the neatest person in their class or school.

What do you think marriages can do to reduce the rate of divorce?  
This is an eye opener in knowing what they can do as a person to make their relationships work.

Do you have a favorite day of the week and why? 
Hear what their favorite day is and their reason for why they prefer the weekend, lol! I know it’s going to be the weekend.

 Do you believe in soul mate? 
This a tricky way of finding out if they are really romantic or not. Just relax and hear them say what relationships mean to them.

Do you have fears? 
Everyone has got fears, you just do not the one that the person sitting before you are facing, encourage them and tell them to be strong and remind them that everyone has got one fear or the other.

What is your “don’t mess with me attitude?” 
Lol! This will make them a little surprise but you want to know if what turns them off and then learn that about them.

Don’t open your bag, list the items inside your bag?  
This is both a hilarious and suspenseful because they would guess most of the items and laugh out loud. You get to laugh and at the same time know how smart they are. 

Do you have a pet and if yes, why did you chose that creature? 
This will help you recognize how they relate with nature and then you can hear qualities of their pet and why they think it is an awesome choice

Would you rather be a top government politician or a pastor and why? 
This opens your mind to their spirituality and social values and then you laugh off their preferences and encourage them.

Do you think being compatible can only be achieve through sex? 
This will make you know what they feel about compatibility and how they relate sex to it.

In your opinion, what spices up a relationship? 
This powerful question connects the two of you emotionally especially if you have similar ideas and then, you already know what to expect if things need spicing in the future and what your date would be capable of doing for the relations both of you are building.

Does cheating mean the end of relationship for you or is it something you can forgive? 
Don’t expect that they would be smiling to answer this particular question because it can be daunting and it is not really something they might want to answer so take a chill pill and bypass it if they feel skeptical to answer. 

When I first had my first date, I fidgeted a lot and made a lot of mistakes and it made my date feel like I was not confident enough about who I was and worse was that I ended up asking the wrong question and all that made my very first date short and unproductive. If the first date impression is not that strong enough, you may probably feel a disconnection with your crush or date but because that is not what you want, Are some questions missing? Add yours in the comment section.

You're free to drop a couple of question you think anyone should ask their partner on the first date. 

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